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Learn about our Background Screening & Drug Test offerings, as well as DNA Testing Services

Background Screening

Screening and Testing

In today’s competitive market, obtaining background information on potential or current employees is an excellent resource to ensure you’re hiring the best candidate(s) for your company.   In addition, pre-employment screenings can help reduce hiring risks and potential liabilities.   We are a member of the  Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA)  and offer comprehensive and affordable screening solutions.

Whether you’re an employer looking to perform background checks, or an individual satisfying a program requirement, we have the solution for  you.   Our staff is here to facilitate the answers you need.

TESI Screening, Managed by Blue Arbor performs background screens for employers over many industry fields for both pre-hire searches and re-checks throughout employment  terms.   We also aid individuals who need personal background checks to fulfill internship and collegiate program requirements.

Available Screening Service Options (including, but not limited to):

  • Employment & Education Verification
  • License and Credential Verification
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Credit History Checks
  • Motor Vehicle Reports
  • Job Related Skills Testing

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Drug Testing Services

Drug Screening

Whether you’re an employer looking to implement a drug and alcohol testing program, or an individual satisfying a drug test requirement, we have the solution for  you.   Our staff is here to facilitate the answers you need.

TESI Screening, Managed by Blue Arbor performs over 10,000 drug and alcohol screens every year.   As an experienced Third-Party Administrator (TPA), we offer  testing options  that  are compliant to State, Federal (HHS), and Department of Transportation (DOT) Regulations.   We utilize SAMHSA accredited laboratories and NHTSA approved alcohol testing devices.

We provide drug and alcohol testing for, but not limited to:

  • Family Law Court Needs
  • Parents Testing Teens
  • Drug Testing for Collegiate and Professional Program Requirement Needs (i.e nursing students, etc.)
  • Meeting the Requirements for Commercial Truck Driving
  • Probation Drug Testing
  • Proof for Mandatory Drug Testing for Merchant Marine Personnel (U.S. Coast Guard)

Available  Screening Service  Options  (including, but not limited to):

  • DOT & NON-DOT Specimen Collection and Testing
  • Breath Alcohol Testing
  • Alternative Specimen Collection (including Oral Fluid/Saliva and Hair)
  • Rapid (POCT) Screening (with lab-based confirmation testing)
  • Home Test Kits (for private use)
  • Mobile/Onsite Collections
  • Computer-based Random Pool Management
  • Drug & Alcohol Data/Record Management
  • Network of Nationwide Collection Sites

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DNA Testing Services

DNA Testing

We affordably provide professionally collected and accurately tested samples in a manner that ensures total confidentiality in paternity testing & DNA testing.

Through a partnership with one of the largest, most experienced DNA laboratories in the United States, and our nationwide network of collection sites, we are able to provide testing services to customers at a convenient time and location.

Available Service Options:

  • DNA Collection-Only Services
  • DNA Full Service (legally admissible test)
  • DNA Home Collection Kits (for personal, non-legal use)

Examples of Reasons for Paternity Testing or DNA Testing:

  • Parents verifying a child’s identity for custody and/or visitation rights
  • Grandparents wanting to verify the identity of their grandchildren
  • Adoptee who wants to identify their biological family members
  • Immigrants wishing to legally immigrate to the United States or elsewhere
  • Individuals verifying their relationship to the deceased for Estate/Probate purposes
  • People wanting to verify sibling relationships
  • Twins wishing to determine if they are identical or fraternal
  • Paternal/Maternal half sibling relationship verification
  • Single Party DNA Genetic Record

Why Trust Us?

  • Respect
  • Accredited, Certified Laboratory Testing
  • Years of Experience Following Strict Chain of Custody
  • Reliable and Accurate Results (generally available in 3-5 business days)
  • Professional, Non-Invasive Collection
  • Discreet Screening Process
  • Confidential and Secure Information Storage